Glitz and Glam Girl Spa

Glitz and Glam Girl Spa

Los Angeles, California 90292


The Glitz and Glam Girl Spa is the go-to spa experience that comes to you. Designed for teens and tweens, this spa-on-the-go will make your next birthday party a memory they will treasure for years to come. The staff will help you design age appropriate activities that will have your glamor girl running to admire her reflection.

Services Offered

Every little girl longs to be a princess. She longs for the day of beauty and pampering that mom gets. That is where Glitz and Glam Girl Spa comes into play. They will help you transform your home, hotel room or a local park into a spa for your glamor girl and her friends.

The spa professionals from Glitz and Glam Girl Spa have an extensive menu of services. This includes manicures, pedicures, massages, facials, hair styling and age-appropriate make-up. They know how to start the party and how to keep it going.

To complete your party, they will help your princess feel as special as she is. They offer other activities including create a beauty purse, jewelry and dress-up. Fashion shows are a common occurrence.

Before the party is over, your daughter will spend much time giggling. She will have her fingers and toes painted and compare them to all her friends. She will giggle and squeal when she looks in the mirror.

The staff will handle everything. They provide the labor, the equipment, the decorations even the tables, chairs and food. They even work with you to provide a beautiful cake worthy of your princess. It will be a day she will never forget.


To have a stress free party that runs itself, contact Glitz and Glam Girl Spa today. The amazing staff members will help you create the experience your daughter deserves. Space is always limited, and pricing is dependent on many factors.


This company was created by a member of the dream team for Nickelodeon’s kids choice awards. It combines the Hollywood style skill with a genuine passion for giving young girls the spa party of their dreams. Afterwards, a massage for the mommy finishes off the day. It can’t get more perfect.

If you still have doubts, just ask Torri Spelling. Her daughter enjoyed a glitz and glam spa party. Yours can too. You won’t regret it.


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