Christmas in Los Angeles

If you are looking forward to taking that snowy sleigh ride or hiking up a snow covered hill in search of the perfect Christmas tree, you may want to holiday somewhere else. But if super awesome parades, concerts and light shows make your Christmas perfect, then Christmas in Los Angeles may be the ultimate holiday … Read the full article

Discover hidden secrets of Los Angeles

Perhaps it’s your first visit to the City of Angels. Or maybe you are a regular visitor, but have gotten stuck in the routine of visiting the same old places every time. Here are a few places you may not know exist, or just haven’t bothered to take the time to visit. Runyon Canyon is … Read the full article

The Truth about Living in Los Angeles

Many people think of Los Angeles as the most glamorous place to live, when in reality there are probably some things that might make you think twice about moving there. Let’s start off with one of the big deal breakers…the traffic. Angelenos, as they are locally called, spend almost 3 days a year sitting in … Read the full article

Atlanta Airport Guide

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport in well known to be the busiest airport in the world. It has served the most passengers ever since the late 1990s, a whopping 92 million in 2011. As for the number of planes arriving and taking off? Chalk up 900,000 every year. The Atlanta airport was named after William B. … Read the full article

What’s to see in Los Angeles besides Hollywood?

When asking people what to do or see in the Los Angeles area, most people will fill you in on Hollywood and all there is to do and see there. Hollywood is awesome, since it’s a great place to visit and there is definitely plenty to see. But after you are done star searching, where … Read the full article

Los Angeles Convention Center

The LA convention center is the perfect place for your next exhibition, convention or trade show. Its central location is perfectly situated in the business and cultural heart of the city. Since the center opened in 1971, it has received four renovations which included modernizing, expanding, and keeping the center fresh and updated. Over two … Read the full article

Top Five Luxury Hotels in New York

Even business travelers sometimes want the best of the best. If you are traveling to New York and want to be pampered while you are there, check out one of these awesome hotels. The Carlyle is a five-star haven where you can enjoy fantastic views of the city skyline from your private terrace. Relax in … Read the full article