Mobile Technology is Changing Business Travel

Unless you have been living under a rock, you will have noticed how the new age of technology has taken over. Rarely do you see someone not staring at their phone or tablet, especially in the airport. If they aren’t holding a device, they are wearing one. AIRPORT CAR SERVICE If you need luxury car … Read the full article

In Flight WiFi Might be the Best New Thing to Hit the Skies

If you travel a lot, you probably know about Gogo. Gogo is a leading global aero-communications service provider. They offer travelers in-flight internet, text messaging, entertainment, and plenty of other services. The leading Wi-Fi provider for those in flight gives off poor signals and you end up with a bad, spotty connection. On top of … Read the full article

How to Stay Safe from Identity Theft This Holiday Season

Holiday shopping is in full swing everywhere you go. Whether it is at the store, online or over the phone, people are purchasing like crazy. This means the identity thieves are also in gear. They are trying to hack into your information as you purchase, connect with your bank, or even chat with your friends … Read the full article

Die Hard Mario Gamer? You Need This Watch

If you grew up with Super Mario, you may be one of those super fans who has every item ever made. You can find practically everything with Super Mario on it these days, and there are many different games and spin off games that have to do with Mario, Luigi and the gang. AIRPORT CAR … Read the full article

Tips to Have a Stress-Free Holiday

The holiday season should be a time of celebrating, friends, family and relaxing. But for many people, just the thought of the travel madness and stress makes holidays a dreadful time of year. Here are some super ways to avoid some of the problems and ease through the holidays stress-free. AIRPORT CAR SERVICE If you … Read the full article

Christmas in Los Angeles

If you are looking forward to taking that snowy sleigh ride or hiking up a snow covered hill in search of the perfect Christmas tree, you may want to holiday somewhere else. But if super awesome parades, concerts and light shows make your Christmas perfect, then Christmas in Los Angeles may be the ultimate holiday … Read the full article

How to Keep from Over-Packing for your Winter Travel

Traveling in the colder weather can sometimes be a hassle. You end up packing way too many bulky items, having to pay for extra baggage, and dragging a lot of extra things around with you. On the contrary, you may under-pack and end up searching your unfamiliar destination trying to find the things you should … Read the full article

Best Days to Plan your Holiday Flight for the Lowest Price

Thanksgiving and Christmas are extremely busy travel times for air travelers as well as those who travel on the ground. It is common sense that you will want to book early to avoid last minute hikes in rates, and also to assure that you aren’t faced with completely full flights. Here are a few more … Read the full article

Thanksgiving Festivals and Celebrations in the USA

Everyone loves the holidays. You get to visit family and friends, and sometimes it is just comforting to come back home. On the other hand, suppose you all live in the same town and just want something a little different for the holidays? There are some super places to check out this year for a … Read the full article

Air Travel for Thanksgiving Expected to Rise 3% From Last Year

If you plan to take a flight somewhere on Thanksgiving, you can expect the airports to be more hectic than they were last year. There is a 3% increase expected in passengers traveling, up to 25.3 million this year. That’s the most in eight years. These figures are a projected estimate from Airlines for America. … Read the full article