Hugh Spa

Hugh Spa

1101 South Vermont Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90006


Hugh spa is a place for women. In fact, only women are allowed in the building. This spa is unlike any other. Many have described it as the “choose your own adventure” of spas. Patrons pay a flat fee and then utilize the rooms as they desire. Other services are available for an additional charge.

Services Offered

Hugh Spa is divided into 9 rooms. Each room has health benefits for the user. Other services, such as body wraps, scrubs, facials and massage are offered at an additional cost.

Upon arrival, and after paying the fee, you will need to disrobe and shower before visiting the rooms. The robe that they provide is soft. They also provide shampoo, conditioner and towels but many bring their own.

After this, explore the rooms. The charcoal mud clay room, ice room and oxygen room are located directly off the shower room. Private baths and private service spaces are in the shower room. The salt room, mugwort room and cafeteria are to the left.

The charcoal mud clay room features hot balls of real clay that gently envelope you while you lie in the cubicles. These cause the body to detoxify through sweat. They are also said to improve circulation, metabolism and waste elimination.

The pink Himalayan salt room, also known as the mineral room, works like a sauna. The twist however, is the powerful blast of 84 different. These minerals diffuse throughout the body and invigorate the cells. In addition, this room has been said to help with the production of red blood cells and with digestion.

The infrared magnet room is a unique feature of this spa. In fact, it is the only one offered in the Los Angeles area. It puts out a magnetic wavelength that warms the body and can help with pain relief and other conditions.

The Mugwort Steam Healing Room is another unique offering for this spa. Many people refer to this treatment as “The V.” All-natural herbs are boiled, creating a steam seat. The person sits on it and it warms the lower abdomen. It is said to improve body composition and offer therapeutic affects to those suffering from premenstrual symptoms, urinary incontinence and bowel problems.

They also offer a jade sauna for warming the muscles and an ice room for cooling them down. An oxygen relaxation room rounds out the treatment rooms. These rooms speed the metabolism, improve the immune system and help you relax.

Cleansing mineral baths and massage and body scrub services are also available. These services are available for an extra fee. The mineral bath utilizes herbs, salts and minerals to detoxify the body.

The final piece to this spa is the cafeteria. Healthy, Korean food is served at reasonable prices. The food is organic and completely MSG free.


The treatment rooms are all available for a single fee. Typically, this costs 15 dollars per person but coupons and discounts are regularly offered. An extra 15 dollar charge applies to the mugwort room for the herbs or for the bath. Massage services are priced individually. See the spa for more details.


This spa is an amazing retreat from reality. It can help you relax and put your body back into a state of homeostasis. The charcoal mud clay room is a favorite of many guests.


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