Mon & Mom Day Spa

Mon & Mom Day Spa

8023 West Beverly Blvd., Unit 6
Los Angeles, CA 90048


Mon & Mom Day Spa is your perfect choice for massages, body and skin care. We offer male or female therapists so you can feel at ease with whatever services you choose. Step into one of our peaceful, comfortable rooms and let our therapists relieve your tension and relax your whole body.

When you choose to receive a therapeutic massage, it not only makes your body feel good during your session, but the results will stay with you even after you leave. For a refreshing of your body and mind, check out one of the many services offered.


A traditional Thai massage involves stretching and acupressure to ease your tension and re-energize your whole body. The Swedish pure relaxation massage is perfect for ridding yourself of all that unwanted stress which causes so much pain. Enjoy the benefits of both massages with the combination for total bliss.

The Deep Tissue massage is perfect for those who prefer a lot more pressure on those sore spots. Feel the pain melt away while you relax and be pampered. Therapeutic massage can help pinpoint those problem areas and relieve the pain. Your therapist will focus on back pain, headaches, shoulder pain, sciatica, or wherever you want relief. Feel the warmth of a hot stone massage to melt away those knots and leave you feeling amazing.

Expecting Mothers can take time out for a relaxing prenatal massage. This massage can benefit you and your baby and reduce stress so you can focus on the important things. Relax and be pampered now before you are too busy with your new addition. Rid your body of unwanted dead skin cells with a refreshing body scrub. Your skin will feel softer, smoother and even have a more glowing appearance when you treat it to an awesome body scrub.


Mon & Mom Day Spa is open daily until 10 pm for your convenience, and is also wheelchair accessible. We even accept walk-ins in case you need relief immediately and can’t wait to make an appointment.

Treat yourself to the relaxation and attention you deserve by stopping in and checking out what there is to offer. Your body and skin will thank you with a healthy glow and a much more energetic outlook.


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