Natural History Museum Los Angeles County

Natural History Museum Los Angeles County

900 Exposition Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90007


The Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County has exhibits that will please both young and old alike. From dinosaur bones to precious gems and everything in between, everyone will find something exciting and interesting to entertain them.

The museum offers plenty of activities and programs to join, and even live animal encounters. Dozens of different collections are showcased for your viewing pleasure. The new butterfly pavilion is now open, and admission to the museum is free if you are active military, or for children 2 and under.


Come learn about animals, insects, dinosaurs and even shells at the LA County museum. Check out the dinosaur hall and view some amazing fossils of these giants. Fossils over 150 million years old are included in some of these displays. Remains were found in places like Utah, Montana and Wyoming, just to name a few.

Adults and children alike enjoy the insect zoo, featuring beautiful and sometimes creepy creatures from around the world. The velvet ant has a fuzzy, soft appearance, while the Brazilian salmon tarantula just looks outright icky. You can even touch some of the bugs! The spider hall features some amazing and beautiful web spinners for you to learn about, like the Golden silk spider, whose silk is one of the strongest fibers in the world! If bugs aren’t your thing, head over to the Gem and Mineral Hall. Here you can view some beautiful garnets, shiny silver and gold, and California’s state gemstone, benitoite. There’s even a hands-on section where you can touch some precious gems, such as meteorites, gems and a giant chunk of jadeite. /p>

The mammal hall will teach you about everything from a beaver to a moose. A large list of mammals is featured here, explaining all about the mammal’s history and life. The new butterfly pavilion is a great opportunity to see these beautiful creatures up close in their own habitat as they interact with the flowers and plants around them.


The museum offers awesome activities, programs and clubs for you and your children. Overnight adventures, scavenger safaris and even holiday themed exhibits like the Haunted Museum are just a few of the exciting and educational opportunities offered at the museum.

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