Olympic Spa

Olympic Spa

3915 West Olympic Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90019
(323) 857-0535


Olympic Spa is governed by three words relax, rejuvenate, replenish. Those three words are the key to every moment of your time. They are key from the moment you enter the oasis of peace offered here to the moment you leave, feeling better than you ever thought possible.

Olympic Spa operates based on the principles of an Asain Spa. This is reflected in everything they do. For example, In the West a bath is a place one goes to cleanse the body. In Asia however, a bath is used to cleanse the soul. Other Asian principles, like acupressure and massage are also reflected. Here, you can experience the feel of Asia every day.

Services Offered

At Olympic Spa, the staff seeks to provide you with the very best products and services to encourage a level of relaxation not seen anywhere else. Olympic Spa strives to provide their clients with the most natural and therapeutic products in their treatments and spa facilities. Olympic Spa can be broken into two parts. The first is the facility itself. The second is the treatments offered.

The rooms at Olympic Spa feature a variety of healing properties. Each of them are useful for achieving balance. They have a jade laden steam sauna, a hot mugwort tea pool, a bichotan therapy room and a mineral sauna. They believe in harnessing the natural human energy of transferring this energy to you through authentic eastern treatments.

The treatments at Olympic Spa feature natural products. The massages, for example, utilize pure essential oils in a food grade carrier oil. Arnica oil is also available on request. Other treatments include skin and nail treatments.

Before your visit, Olympic Spa wants you to know a few steps to enlightenment for their spa. The first step is to please shower before entering the bathing ritual as it is considered extremely bad manners not to do so first. The second step is that all pools and saunas are to be entered with cleansed bodies. The third is to feel free to enter any of the pools or saunas but don’t over exert yourself by staying too long in one. Alternating between hot and cold is recommended to keep your body temperature and heart rate at the optimum rate. The fourth is to always rinse or shower after the use of the dry steam saunas as they cause the body to perspire. And finally the last step is to rest often and stay hydrated. Following these rules will ensure your visit is a success.


To experience Olympic Spa’s path to enlightenment, book your visit today. Like most Asian Spas, they charge a flat fee for the facility and then charge extra for treatments. Here is a sample list of prices.

  • Spa Rituals (Including a Simple Soak): Starting at $70.00
  • Asian Massage Therapy: Starting at $30.00
  • Spa Sampler (Excludes Simple Soak): Starting at $30.00
  • Skin Care by Darphin: Starting at $60.00
  • Nail Care: Starting at $15.00


At Olympic Spa you will experience an authentic Asian Spa experience. This means that you will be cleansed both internally and more importantly externally. You won’t regret the enlightenment you will discover here!


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