Lucky Feet Foot Spa

Lucky Feet Foot Spa

11661 Santa Monica Blvd
Los Angeles, California 90025


The Chinese believed that the feet were mirrors for the body. Today, we have proven that reflexology has a basis in science. At Lucky Feet Spa, they specialize in making sure your feet are pampered and healthy so you can be too.

Services Offered

Lucky Feet Foot Spa is an oasis for tired, overworked feet. They offer a variety of services designed to make your feet look and feel new. Their services also help relieve tension all over the body. Further, many believe that reflexology can relieve symptoms of certain chronic illnesses. Lucky feet foot spa offers two basic packages to help bring health back to your feet.

The first package is the combo reflexology. This treatment begins with a soak in an herbal cleansing formula. This formula detoxifies the system. While this is happening, the therapist massages the back and shoulders. Afterwards, a full reflexology treatment is performed on the feet.

The other package is the full foot reflexology. After the initial cleansing soak, the therapist immediately performs a full reflexology treatment. This treatment spends more time working on the feet. The therapist can focus specifically on the areas of concern. You will walk away feeling refreshed and revigorated.

Before your visit, be sure to check out the website. There, you can set up a personalized foot profile. That allows you to get personalized massages, discounts and coupons. It also allows you to request a specific therapist and much more.


To experience the first and only foot spa in Los Angeles, book an appointment today. Appointments can be booked from your personal foot profile or by phone. Discounts are available so contact the spa for more information. Here are the rates:

  • Combo Reflexology: 40 minutes- $20| 60 minutes- $25| 90 minutes- $40
  • Full Foot Reflexology: 40 minutes- $20| 60 minutes- $25| 90 minutes| $40


The Lucky Feet Foot Spa is a wonderful oasis in the busy downtown bustle of Los Angeles. The limited menu of services makes it easy to choose, and the therapists are fantastic at discovering what parts need the most attention. The only downside is the inability to finish the reflexology treatment with a pedicure and polish.


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