Lula Holistic Mini Spa

Lula Holistic Mini Spa

3542 ½ Hollydale Drive
Los Angeles, CA 90039
(213) 448-0661


Owner Leanne Lurie, considers herself a proud owner of not only Lula but also incredibly difficult skin. Lula’s concept begins and ends with one simple principle, if you wouldn’t eat it, don’t put it on your skin. Lula is the kind of place you’d want to take your friends and family for an experience that is clean, green and super serene. Allow yourself to kick back, relax and enjoy the healing.

The philosophy at Lula is three fold; clean, green, and serene. Being a clean spa means first and foremost that Lula is now and will always be a chemical free environment. Owner Leanne believes that although chemical skin care products do deliver on their promises at first, over time they only further damage skin and mask underlying problems. Leanne, a roseaca patient, makes no bones about shamelessly stealing her philosophy from Dr. Saulius Alkatis whose products she uses on herself , clients, friends and family. All of these things combine to a clean environment that is sure to detoxify even the most clogged pores.

Leanne also seeks to also offer a green environment. The low carbon footprint of Lula can be seen from the moment you walk in. From the lavender sachets to the sustainable building materials to the No-VOC paints and soy candles, succulent garden and low impact light bulbs Lula is as green as they get.

Finally Lula is serene. At Lula you are more than just a client, you?re family. She will find your skin issues and treat them without the hype that other spas push. To add to this serene environment, Lula promises never to hide costs in your treatment. The price you see is what you get.

Services Offered

At Lula they know the best way to reset your body is to detoxify it. That’s why Lula offers a variety of facial, waxing and beauty treatments to reset your body and get you back on the path to health and wellness. Each and every treatment combination at Lula is tailored to you and your specific skin needs. After all, the skin is the largest organ in the body. It is absolutely essential that you take care of it. All of Lula’s treatments use Dr. Alkaitis Organic Sking Food products. This results in products that are easily absorbed into the skin to provide incredible results.


  • Facial – $125.00 with add ons starting at $40 each
  • Waxing: Starting at $15.00
  • Beauty Treatments: Starting at $20.00


Lula Holistic Mini Spa is just that. A small place that provides just what your body needs, quality products and service. Come to Lula Holistic Mini Spa and see what you have been missing.


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