Luxe Spa

Luxe Spa

272 Redwood Shores Parkway
Redwood Shores Parkway, CA 94065
(650) 595-5893


The Luxe Spa was voted the number one day spa with ABCY BayArea A-List two years in the row. Because of this, it is no wonder that Luxe keeps clients coming back again and again. At Luxe, you enter into a world that redefine?s spa. Clients slip away from the hustle and bustle of city life and are enveloped in a feeling of calm and serenity. Luxe is a spa that is amazing enough for special occasions but affordable enough for the everyday escape.

Services Offered

Luxe offers a variety of services to provide you with the very best experience possible. From inclusive spa packages, face, body, waxing, nails, something for men, bridal services, and even chiropractic services Luxe has it all.

Luxe spa packages revolve around three concepts, luxury, repair and renewal. At Luxe you can put the world on hold while you transport your mind, body and spirit to another dimension. The therapies offered aid in renewal, maximum tension release, and enjoyment. All spa packages come with complimentary use of personal lockers, dressing rooms with amenities, private showers, plush spa robes and slippers and refreshments in the tranquility lounge.

Luxe offers a variety of body massages and treatments to aide in the release of toxins and the renewal of skin. Among the many massages offered are the prenatal massage and the couples massage. The prenatal massage alleviates back and neck pain, reduces swelling and is soothing for both mother and baby. Many expectant mothers have found this treatment to be especially soothing during their third trimester. This massage is also good in the initial postpartum stage. The couples massage provides a relaxing retreat where couples can rest and rejuvenate together with a 60, 75 or 90 minute massage.

There are a variety of beauty and hair services for both men and women at Luxe. Among these treatments are waxing, bridal services and services for men. Too often men are overlooked at the spa, at Luxe they know that men need rest and relaxation too.

Perhaps one of the most unique features of Luxe is its use of chiropractic services. Steve Sprague D.C. has been practicing at Redwood Shores and the Peninsula for many years and has relocated to Luxe. They work hard to incorporate a variety of chiropractic, physiotherapy and massage therapy techniques into this spa environment. This helps to help heal and maintain health.


Enjoy this luxury. Book services today. Here is a list of rates:

  • Facials: Starting at $85.00
  • Facial Enhancements: Starting at $25.00
  • Professional Waxing Hair Removal: Starting at $15.00
  • Natural Nail Services: Starting at $25.00
  • Signature Facial Treatments: Starting at $125.00
  • High Performance Facial Treatments: Starting at $85.00


At Luxe, clients are sure to find a restful, relaxing, and restorative experience. Whether you are a man, woman, or preparing for a special occasion, Luxe is sure to have something for you.


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