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Naturally Hands and Spa

17777 Main Street Suite E
Irvine, CA 92614
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At Naturally Hands and Spa, the staff strives to forever stay on the cutting edge of hand and nail care. The caring staff members are ready to help you choose the product that is perfect for you. This and attention to detail is what sets Naturally Hand and spa apart from the rest.

Services Offered

Naturally Hands and Spa offers services that both protect and beautify your nails. Typical manicures are not good enough for their clients. Instead, they had to find the newest, most innovative option in nail care. Their biggest wish is to make your nails look and feel beautiful while regaining the health they once radiated.

This desire is the reason they offer Calgel nail services. Calgel is a superior soak-off gel nail system that promotes nail health while looking, and feeling beautiful. It sticks to the nail like a typical gel nail but it is much different. The biggest difference is in the fact that the product won?t lift, peel or chip. It also will not go rubbery or damage your own nails like the harsh acrylics, bonding solutions and excess buffing of the other systems do.

Calgel also does not interfere with, and often improves, nail-bed metabolism. This system of processes is what causes you to grow new, healthy nails. Because of this, Calgel can actually strengthen your own nails! It literally will give you the nails you always dreamed of both now and in the future. This product can be used on tips or as natural nail overlay, and it is available in over 100 colors. With Calgel, the days of smudging, chipping and peeling nail polish and poor adhesion gel polish products are over.

At Naturally Hands and Spa, the staff has a firm belief that everyone deserves beautiful nails. Because of this, they price their products competitively but affordably. With these prices, everyone can afford strong, healthy, beautiful nails


At Naturally Hands and Spa, you are in charge. The rates start at $50. With add-ons and other services, you decide the price from there. Book your appointment today and enjoy this unique pampering experience.


At Naturally Hands and Spa, you don?t have to worry about anything. They only do one thing but they do it with exceptional skill. Hands and nails will be healthy and beautiful when you leave the salon.


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