Seaweed Sok

Seaweed Sok

504 W. Balboa Blv.
Newport Beach, CA 92661
(949) 689-7086


Seaweed Sok is a very different sort of spa. It offers clients the chance to soak in a tub filled with seaweed. They also offer infrared sauna treatments. These services, combined with the fantastic staff and soothing atmosphere, make Seaweed Sok a leader in this field.

Services Offered

The main service offered by Seaweed Sok is the Seaweed Bath. It involves seaweed placed in a concentrated mineral bath. This bath has proven to have many benefits. Scientific studies have shown that it helps relieve the symptoms of arthritis, skin conditions and circulatory problems. They have also bee associated with the release of toxins leading to slim, beautiful bodies. This has been called a timeless treasure of the natural world.

In a seaweed bath, several things happen. First, the hot water will increase blood circulation and oxygen exchange within the cells. The steam will open the pores and allow the skin to absorb more of the beneficial minerals.

Next, the gel-like coating on the seaweed is transferred onto the skin. Perspiration is increased and toxins are released. Rubbing the skin with the seaweed will help remove waste, increase circulation and smooth the body.

When the seaweed has done its work, the gel coating dissolves and floats off the skin. Then, the seaweed shrivels. This is the sign that the bath should end. This timing varies based on the individuals body, the temperature of the water and a variety of external factors. Typically, this lasts 30 to 40 minutes.

The other service offered is the infrared sauna. This uses rays from the sun, filters out the UV radiation and penetrates the skin. This heats the body without heating the world. It begins the perspiration cycle and speeds the detoxifying process.

Seaweed Sok also offers a variety of party packages as well as multi-use cards. For example, the Synchronized Sok allows up to 8 people to enjoy an hour of mingling and hor devours. The second hour is spent enjoying another hour of sauna and soaks.


The Seaweed Sok Spa offers a variety of packages. Discounts are available for frequent customers. Other discounts include first time soakers and internet coupons. Contact the spa for more information. Here is a sample list of prices.

  • Slippery When Wet (20 minute sauna treatment followed by 40 minute soak): $65
  • Comfortably Numb (couples treatment. 15 minutes each in sauna followed by a 30 minute seaweed bath for two): $85
  • Synchronized Sok: $195
  • Sokaholic Pass (card good for 6 treatments): 125


At Seaweed Sok, you can enjoy the benefits of soaking in seaweed without going to the ocean. In fact, the seaweed bath is so concentrated it will improve your health at a much faster pace. With the variety of packages offered, they truly have something for everyone.


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