Sun Spa Massage

Sun Spa Massage

5301 Sunset Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90020
(323) 465-6529


At Sun Spa Massage you’ll find the perfect massage treatment to melt your stress away and leave your body feeling soothed, relaxed, and refreshed. The team of friendly and highly trained massage therapists at Sun Spa listens closely to your needs to give you the best massage for your needs. They specialize in Thai, Swedish, Combination, and Deep Tissue massage treatments. They incite you to experience total relaxation in our peaceful, private, and comfortable massage treatment rooms today.

Services Offered

At Sun Spa Massage they offer a variety of treatments. These treatments include Thai massage, combination massage, Swedish massage, deep tissue Massage. They also offer body wraps and body scrubs.

The Thai massage consists of a traditional Thai technique involves gentle stretching with firm pressure. It is used to relieve tension, tone and open your muscles and to balance your body’s energy. The Thai Massage gives you deep relaxation, rejuvenation and mental alertness.

The Combination Massage is a special blend of Thai and Swedish techniques. It uses gentle and strong pressure with a light application of oil. The Combination helps to relieve muscle tension and relaxes your entire body especially in the back, neck and shoulders.

The Swedish massage consists of a gentle and relaxing massage. It uses a light oil and long gliding strokes to relax your muscles, relieve soreness, reduce tension and improve your body’s circulation. The Swedish Massage aids in oxygen flow and cleanses toxins from the body.

The Deep Tissue Massage uses focused pressure and cross strokes to relieve deep muscle tension and knots that build up in your body over time. Deep Tissue zones in on your especially knotted or tense muscle groups to relieve pain and increase mobility. This type of massage should be used with care especially in people with a sensitivity to touch.

The Body Scrub has been described as getting a facial for your whole body. This combination of skin exfoliating creams is gently applied to the entire body to cleanse, exfoliate, and hydrate your skin and face. The Body Scrub relieves a younger, softer, smoother and healthier glow to your entire body.


Book your treatment today to enjoy this spa. Space is limited so appointments are strongly suggested. Here is a basic list of prices.

  • Thai Massage: Starting at $40.00
  • Combination Massage: Starting at $45.00
  • Swedish Massage: Starting at $50.00
  • Deep Tissue Massage: Starting at $50.00
  • Body Scrub: Starting at $75.00


At Sun Spa Massage you are sure to leave feeling relax and rejuvenated. With it?s expertly trained staff and attention to detail you are sure to have an incredible experience.


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