Spa Intercontinental

Spa Intercontinental

2151 Avenue of Stars
Los Angeles, CA 90025
(310) 552-0425


At Spa Intercontinental, you will have a world class experience. Modeled after the European spa experience, Spa Intercontinental’s staff is trained in such a way to make all people from all over the world feel like they’re relaxing at home. The treatments at Spa Intercontinental are sure to pamper you from head to toe.

Services Offered

The treatments at Spa Intercontinental are divided into eight groups. Those groups are spa packages, massages, skin care, body care, enhancements, hands and feet, rituals and waxing. These treatments can be provided individual or in combination with others.

The Spa Packages are designed to provide a well rounded experience for one inclusive price. Spa Intercontinental offers both single and couple packages as well as a variety of packaged services. These packages usually include a massage, body care or a second massage and a facial of some kind.

Spa Intercontinental knows that each person desires a different kind of massage and that is why they provide a variety of methods. Among these methods are deep tissue massages, four handed massage and a Jet-Lag Restore Massage. Jet-Lag Restore combines Swedish and Deep Tissue massage and uses essential oils to help alleviate jet-lag, improve circulation, relieve joint muscle aches and reduce anxiety.

The skin care treatment options consists of a variety of facials and facial enhancements. These facials include anything from mineral soaks to paraffin masks. No matter what choice you make you will see dramatic results.

The body treatments at Spa Intercontinental consist of a variety of wraps and soaks. The most popular treatment is the Hammam Ritual. Hammam means the spreader of warmth. In this treatment the body is taken through a sensual ritual of bathing, exfoliation, wrap and massage before being drenched in scent and moisture.

Spa Intercontinental offers an array of enhancements for your enjoyment. Among these enhancements are lip blooming treatment, paraffin dip, mineral dip and luminious hands. A variety of snacks and cold cucumber water are also available.

The hands and feet treatments consist of your typical manicures and pedicures. These treatments are designed to relieve tension and damage caused by everyday use of the hands and feet. The milk and honey foot bath is the most popular pedicure add-on.

The body rituals are also popular. A unique and renewing body ritual for a deep connection of the Oriental, Arabian and Moroccan philosophies, each ritual begins by immersing in water, exfoliation, rinse and massage. These rituals will wash away tension and activate the body’s own restorative powers.


Here is a basic list of prices:

  • Body Services: Starting at $110.00
  • Facials: Starting at $65.00
  • Manicures: Starting at $30.00
  • Massages: Starting at $75.00
  • Pedicures: Starting at $30.00
  • Packages: Starting at $180.00


Spa Intercontinental truly has world class service and services. From package deals to facials to massages Spa Intercontinental has what you need. Come to Spa Intercontinental and experience what it’s like to be treated like a international star.


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