Spa Relaken

Spa Relaken

328 East First Street
Los Angeles, CA 90012
(213) 617-0004


Spa Relaken is a Japanese spa designed to aid clients in escaping the hustle and bustle of everyday life. From Jacuzzi soaks to massages to facials and even Reiki massages, you are sure to find what you need. Spa Relaken is the epitome of rest and relaxation you have been waiting for.

Services Offered

Spa Relaken offers clients a variety of services. Among those services is the use of the spa amenities. Those amenities include a Jacuzzi, bath, sauna, steam, patio and heating room. These amenities only serve to enhance the spa treatments. Arrive early and enjoy a bath before your massage then stay late to enjoy the sauna and Jacuzzi. Relax on the patio and enjoy spa snacks while catching up with a friend. Truly, the choices are endless.

The Herbal Ball Treatment is one of the healing methods from Thailand. It is touted as a remedy for chronic conditions like muscle pain, sore joints and inflammation. It also improves circulation. Many people utilize this condition to help with symptoms of fibromyalgia, lupus and other diseases. These balls relax tense muscles, increases energy and improve blood flow. It works well for people with hand and foot issues related to poor circulation. These natural herb balls are made in Thailand.

Other massages, such as reflexology, deep tissue and shiatsu massage are also offered. Aromatherapy can be added to enhance the effect. Foot soaks, facials and similar treatments are used to help promote wellness within the body.

Finally, there is the Reiki massage. The Reiki massage method has been passed down through the ages in Japan. It gives a feeling of deep, comfortable relaxation to your body and soul through the therapist’s hands. The massage also restores balance to the energy of the inner body.


These treatments, as well as the use of the facilities are available daily. Appointments are suggested because space is limited. Here is a basic list of prices.

  • Massages: Starting at $90.00
  • Reiki: Starting at $110.00


Spa Relaken offers clients a unique Japanese spa experience. It makes a perfect place for your next girls day, bridal shower or other function. The wellness promoted here will help you for years to come.


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