The Spa at Palazzo

The Spa at Palazzo

348 Hauser Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90036


The Spa at Palazzo is more than just a spa. Aside from offering massages, body scrubs and facials, a gym is also available and provides you with personal training, and even water exercise and swimming lessons.

Not only can you keep your body in shape from head to toe, but you can focus on your skin as well, and de-stress with an awesome massage. You can even send your kids off to swim lessons while you relax.


Reflexology is one of the best techniques in relieving your body of aches and pains. This ancient technique involves working the reflex points on your feet to help with any problems your body may be experiencing. The long, relaxation strokes of the Swedish massage will help to rid your body of unwanted toxins, while improving your circulation. Expectant Mothers can enjoy a wonderful pregnancy massage to ease back pain and relax you and your baby.

The orange blossom scrub is designed to exfoliate and re-hydrate your dry skin. Finish it off with a relaxing mineral mask and an invigorating massage. The sea salt and sugar microderm scrub is perfect for refreshing tired skin and leaving you with super soft skin.

A variety of facials are offered to give your face the radiant glow you deserve. Palazzo’s signature facial is tailored to the needs of the individual. Let the experts help you decide exactly what your skin needs to look the best it can. The tighten and brighten facial is perfect for turning back the appearance of age. This facial will rid you of unwanted dead skin cells and leave a refreshing radiant glow behind. If you just need a quick pick-me-up, request the hydrating lunchtime peel. See how fantastic your face can look and feel in just 25-minutes.


The Spa at Palazzo also has several personal trainers to help you get into the shape that’s perfect for you. Let them guide you and ensure you that you are doing the best routine for your body. Water aerobics are offered as well, and take you to a whole new experience in exercise. Relax in the water while you work muscles gently but effectively. Group exercise is another option for you and may be helpful to those who need a little extra support and motivation.

The Spa at Palazzo has services to relieve your body of tension and stress, renew your skin for a radiant appearance, and shape your body into the perfect you. They are open until midnight on weekdays and 11pm on the weekends.


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