VIP Thai Spa

VIP Thai Day Spa

5608 San Vicente Blvd.
Los Angeles CA 90019
(323) 934-4548


When you open the door at VIP Thai Day Spa, you open the door to another world. It is a world of peace and tranquility where, for a time, you can simply relax knowing that you are in the hands of a skilled masseuse. At VIP Thai Day Spa, you will enter feeling the weight of this world and leave weightlessly ready to take it on!

Services Offered

VIP Thai Day Spa offers a variety of different types of massage. They also offer body scrubs. The types of massage offered include Thai, Swedish, combination and deep tissue.

The reason most people come to a Thai Spa is a Thai massage. The Thai massage is an energizing experience. The therapist uses their hands, feet and body to move you through a series of yoga-like stretches. This releases any energy blockage. It also helps improve well-being and increase flexibility.

The second type of massage, known as Swedish massage, is best for athletes like golfers and tennis players as well as those who suffer from chronic illness or are new to massage. Muscles are gently kneaded, pushed, pulled and rubbed to release knots, relieve pain and otherwise restore balance. At VIP Thai Day Spa, they use hot towels to increase the effects.

The combination massage combines Swedish and Thai principles to create a massage that works well for most folks. The muscles are stretched, kneaded and rubbed to energize as well as relax the body. This type of massage clears the mind, relieves energy blockages and releases muscle knots and other painful conditions.

The final form of massage offered by VIP Thai Spa is deep tissue massage. This is designed for those who are experienced with massage and lead an active life. People who are new to massage as well as those with chronic illness should avoid this type. It is an extremely effective form that gets to the core of the muscle and releases tension.

The body scrubs offered at VIP Thai Spa are also extremely popular. They provide unmatched hydration and exfoliation for tired, dry skin. Each body scrub comes with a complementary massage. A body scrub will tighten and tone skin, leaving it smoother and younger looking.


At VIP Thai Spa, the customer is always to leave satisfied. Because of that, you get high end spa service at a fraction of the cost. Also, every massage comes with a complementary 10 minute foot massage. Here is a list of prices.

  • Thai massage: 60 minutes: $40| 90 minutes: $60| 120 minutes: $75
  • Combination massage: 60 minutes: $45| 90 minutes: $65| 120 minutes: $85
  • Swedish massage: 60 minutes: $50| 90 minutes: $70| 120 minutes: $85
  • Deep tissue massage: 60 minutes $55| 90 minutes: $75| 120 minutes: $95
  • Body Scrub (includes complementary massage): 60 minutes: $65| 90 minutes: $85| 120 minutes: $100


At VIP Thai Day Spa, the customer is in charge. You select the type and length of massage. After that, you can relax knowing that you are in great hands!


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