Wax Candy

Wax Candy Waxing Spa

756 S. Main St
Los Angeles, CA 90014
(213) 387-0281


When four friends, who happen to be estheticians, saw the state of waxing in Los Angeles, they decided to do something about it. They wanted to give people a clean, safe, fun waxing experience. Out of this, Wax Candy was born.

Services Offered

Unlike most spas that try to offer everything and end up being an expert at nothing, Wax Candy waxing spa is an expert in all things wax. They offer full body wax services at prices you will appreciate.

The waxing professionals offer some tips. Before waxing, ensure hair is at least ¼ inch. This can take several weeks. They also recommend avoiding tight clothing and be sure to exfolliate before your treatment to avoid ingrown hairs. Further, they tell you to know that waxing is most painful about a week prior to your period, during pregnancy and after shaving.

They also have a few tips for after waxing. For 24 hours, you should avoid bath tubs, hot tubs and exercise. For about a week, avoid sun exposure to prevent hyperpigmentation. If irritation occurs, apply a 1% hydrocortisone cream.


To experience the fun and excitement of Wax Candy, book your treatment today. They are open Monday through Thursday 11-8 and Friday through Sunday 9-6. Here is a list of their prices.

  • Bikini Line – $25
  • Almost Brazilian – $33
  • Brazilian – $39
  • Full Legs – $49
  • Upper Legs – $27
  • Lower Legs – $25
  • Back – $45
  • Chest – $37
  • Full Arms – $33
  • Half Arms – $27
  • Back – $45
  • Chest – $37
  • Chest & Stomach – $43
  • Eyebrows – $15
  • Nipples – $7
  • Stomach line – $9
  • Face Sides, Forehead or Under Arms – $9
  • Lip or Chin – $7
  • Neck Line – $11
  • Nose – $13
  • Outer Tushy or Inner – $13
  • Inner and outer tushy – $19


Wax Candy makes waxing exciting. The amazing staff will go out of their way to make you feel comfortable. For many, the best part is that, after being so brave, a lollipop awaits you at the end!


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