World Thai Spa

World Thai Spa

11569 West Olympic Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90064
(310) 965-5088


At World Thai Spa you will experience a traditional Thai Spa. This means the massages are in a style that involves stretching and deep massage. In the world of spas and salons not many are geared toward men. That is what sets World Thai Spa apart. It is indeed geared toward men.

Services Offered

World Thai Spa offers a variety of Thai style massages to meet your needs. There is also the ability to add on an herbal ball or herbal sauna to your massage treatment.

The cornerstone of this spa is the traditional Thai massage. In Thai massage, the customer lies on the floor, typically on a mat. The therapist uses their arms, legs and body to create a massage experience unlike any other. The client is gently stretched and their muscles are kneaded, rubbed and pulled to create a level of relaxation rarely seen with other forms of massage.

To this treatment, many people add herbal balls. Herbal balls are balls on a stick that the massage therapist uses to bring healing herbs directly to the muscles. Often, the therapist will place all of his weight on the client while holding these balls.

The other add on to this massage is the herbal sauna. There, a traditional sauna treatment is enhanced by the addition of herbs. These herbs are carefully selected to enhance the healing qualities of the massage. The sauna treatment can be done either before or after the massage.

Other services offered include Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, facials and reflexology. Hot stones, aromatherapy and other services can be added to the massages. The sauna can also be used with these services.


Most who utilize the services at World Thai Spa feel that they offer a great values. Because the treatments at World Thai Spa are so client specific, a comprehensive list of rates is not available. However, feel free to drop by to get a unique consultation.


World Thai Spa provides the very best in ancient Eastern Medicine. The combination of massage therapy, aromatherapy, and reflexology create the perfect environment for healing and relaxation. The addition of herbs in the sauna, the herbal balls and other available add-ons make this a truly unique experience.


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