The Truth about Living in Los Angeles

Many people think of Los Angeles as the most glamorous place to live, when in reality there are probably some things that might make you think twice about moving there. Let’s start off with one of the big deal breakers…the traffic. Angelenos, as they are locally called, spend almost 3 days a year sitting in traffic. Three whole days.  It can take you an hour and a half just to drive 15 miles down the road. Whoever named it “rush hour” must have been on drugs.  LA has been awarded (cursed??) with the worst traffic in the US time and time again. So if you like to get in your car and quickly travel to your destination, you may not want to make this your future home.


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What most people in the great city of angels do before they make it big, is wait. Wait for a call back. Wait for an audition. Wait for the promotion. Wait to someday be famous. If you are one of those lucky enough to make it to that wonderful status, you can spend your days dodging paparazzi, reading about yourself on the local tabloid, (probably total untruths), and throwing wild parties. If you haven’t yet made it to that point, you get to watch the “friends” you once had get slammed on the tabloids, and throw parties to which you aren’t even welcomed. Yes it all sounds very mean, but sadly it is true more times than not.

Living in Los Angeles is kind of like living in Neverland. You can never grow up. You can never tell people how old you REALLY are, nor can you ever change your appearance. The public will expect you to look the same way you did on the sitcom you did when you were a teenager or 20-something forever.

Dating in Los Angeles can also be extremely hard. If by chance you meet someone who is about to make it big or has already done so, they will assume you are just after the future fame and fortune they are going to receive. If the tables are turned and YOU are the fortunate one, you will be afraid that they are the ones after YOUR fortune and fame. It’s a vicious circle.

Pretty much everyone carries a small pooch in a bag, pouch, or somewhere on their person. This may be a strange sight, but it is a normal thing to the Angelenos. Just keep in mind when you see these small creatures, that they probably have better living quarters and perks than most of the humans you pass by.

When you awake in the morning thinking “Ugh, it’s going to rain today”, you will soon realize that it is just the smog that has not had a chance to burn off yet. Trust me, it will probably be a beautiful hot sunny day. Just not yet.

Yes, many have made it big in Los Angeles, and many still do. But it is not an easy road, and the stress you live with daily may not be worth the trip.


If you need luxury car service to any of Los Angeles’ airports, call Roadrunner Limousine

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