How to Keep from Over-Packing for your Winter Travel

Traveling in the colder weather can sometimes be a hassle. You end up packing way too many bulky items, having to pay for extra baggage, and dragging a lot of extra things around with you. On the contrary, you may under-pack and end up searching your unfamiliar destination trying to find the things you should have brought in the first place. Here are a few tips to help you decide what is necessary.


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If you need your entire set of heavy winter gear, wear it on the plane. Bulky coat, scarf, gloves, hat or whatever else keeps you warm and cozy will take up so much room if you pack them. Wear your boots as your shoes will take up much less room in your bag.

If you use space bags when traveling you can fit so many more items. You know, the kind you vacuum the air out of? These are also available for travel and you don’t need the vacuum. Just roll the item up inside and the air will squeeze out. You will be able to fit many more things this way.

Super heavy winter jackets can cost a bundle, not to mention the space they take up. If you layer properly, you won’t need that bulky coat. Pack a long sleeve shirt, sweatshirt to wear over top, light sweater or jacket to cover that, and something to cover the whole ensemble such as a waterproof or windproof jacket that will keep you dry and hold in all that warmth.

Layering helps keep down the wash loads as well, as you won’t need to keep throwing things in the wash as much as you will in warmer, humid weather. Be sure to try to keep within the same colors so your layering will work out no matter what you choose.

If you plan to be outside in the colder weather, thermal underwear is great for keeping the legs warm and cozy under your pants. If you have never worn them, check it out. They are a life saver for that cold air.

When packing socks, try to steer clear of the cotton socks. Instead pack wool, fleece or other synthetic type socks that hold their insulation even when wet.

They will keep you warm and dry no matter what. When you pack these items you can always roll them up and stick them inside shoes to save even more room.

A few final items that many people don’t even consider if they are headed to a snowy destination are sunglasses and sunscreen. Yes even though it is cold, the sun can still bring pain to your skin, as can the bitter cold winds you might encounter. Windburn can hurt just as bad. The bright glare that results when the sun shines on the glistening snow can be beautiful, but it can also be too bright to stand with the naked eye. Sunglasses will be a blessing in this situation. They can also help if you are driving around in the snow with the sun reflecting around you. Keep a pair handy just in case.


If you need luxury car service to any of Los Angeles’ airports, call Roadrunner Limousine

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