Martha Stewarts Tips for Taking Perfect Photos

Just in time for the holiday season, Martha gives us a lesson on perfect picture taking. Checkout how Martha gets the best photos so you can assure that you will have the best memories possible from your holiday celebrations. AIRPORT CAR SERVICE If you need luxury car service to any of Los Angeles’ airports, call … Read the full article

Executive Traveling Tips for Winter Weather

Business travelers have so much to deal with on a daily basis. Things like catching flights, making it to meetings and conferences on time, and dealing with delays and cancellations at the airport. Having to deal with nasty winter weather can only make your trip more difficult. Here are some tips to help keep the … Read the full article

Packing the Essentials…and the Much Forgotten Essentials

You’ve made your packing list and you are pretty sure you have everything you need for that next trip. But here are some items most travelers leave off their list that can come in extremely handy once you are on your way, or even after you reach your destination. AIRPORT CAR SERVICE If you need … Read the full article

Chicago O’Hare Airport Removing Moving Walkway

For those of you who travel through Chicago frequently you are probably well aware of the moving walkways throughout the airport. There were eight walkways at one time, but no longer. United Airlines is removing all eight of the walkways in Concourse C. As of this time, four of the walkways have already been removed. … Read the full article

Haunted Places in the USA

In case you want to experience some spooky surroundings this Halloween, here are some of the most haunted locations in the United States to check out during your travels. In Estes Park, Colorado you will find the Stanley Hotel. Made famous in the movie “The Shining”, Stephen King used this location after staying here himself … Read the full article

Surf Air…The Better Way to Fly?

Surf Air, which started doing business in 2013, may be the new way to fly for many west coast travelers. This innovative airline offers unlimited flights to passengers for a monthly fee. For $1,750 a month (plus the $1,000 signup fee) you can fly to your heart’s content. Surf Air is the first airline of … Read the full article

More Fun Facts About Los Angeles

Los Angeles, California is well known for many things, such as celebrities, beautiful weather, the Hollywood sign and heavy traffic. Here are some facts about the city of angels you may not know. For starters, the “city of angels”, as LA has been nicknamed, literally means “Los Angeles” in Spanish. Los Angeles welcomes over 24-million … Read the full article

Get More Out of Your Next Business Flight

It is general knowledge that flying is faster than driving. But what about all the time spent in between leaving your house and arriving at your destination?? Arriving and departing the airport, long lines for security check, and of course the never ending luggage-go-round can take up a big portion of your travel time. Here … Read the full article

Stay in New York in Style

New York City is one of the most popular destinations in the United States for hundreds of reasons. Enjoy fantastic New York style pizza or fine dining with some of the most famous chefs in the world. Visit famous landmarks, explore fine arts and culture around every corner. The nightlife is unlike any you will … Read the full article

Discover hidden secrets of Los Angeles

Perhaps it’s your first visit to the City of Angels. Or maybe you are a regular visitor, but have gotten stuck in the routine of visiting the same old places every time. Here are a few places you may not know exist, or just haven’t bothered to take the time to visit. Runyon Canyon is … Read the full article